Thursday, March 18, 2010

WE...the Definition of FRESH

VISION Philms in Conjunction with Female Hip Hop Photographer Loni Schick and JOSHUA WATKINS -ATL's Best New Unsigned Hip Hop Artist is Proud to Present: THE DEFINITION OF FRESH
This project was such a joy to work on. It is amazing to watch the process of an idea turning into a reality. It is also amazing to experience the burgeoning development of friendship. It's no mystery, that I have a personal investment in the life and career of JOSHUA WATKINS. Whether or not he will garner the attention of a large commercial audience is yet to be determined. The fact that he has already succeeded as a human being and as an example for young men ANYWHERE to live lives with passion and pursure their dreams is beyond dispute.
Enter Loni Schick...
A young woman whose creative work caught my attention several months ago. Through a series of exchanges, mutual respect for each other's grind, and Kairos timing Loni found herself flying from LA to ATL on a plane with Cookie Johnson. What happened next, she summed up best when she said, "I arrived a stranger and departed as family".

The DEFINITION OF FRESH grew out of a creative concept proposed by Loni. Building on the concept, JOSHUA wrote and recorded a song by the same name. Keeping it local, Joshua employed the beat of Atlanta producer Alex Goose. Taking all three elements I, directed, edited, and produced this philm bearing the same name (of course).

Like JOSHUA, I now see Loni Schick as an official partner of VISION Philms...there it's OFFICIAL. I hope to collaborate, grow with, learn from, promote, each of their work as we collectively and individually CHASE OUR DREAMS. Loni will certainly be back in Atlanta soon and we are already making plans for our trip up to Toronto (Loni's new takeover). And yall have no idea what we are going to come up with next.


The Official Photo Gallery for The DEFINITION OF FRESH by Loni Schick HERE

FREE DOWNLOAD of Exclusive track The DEFINITION OF FRESH by Joshua Watkins HERE

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michaelGregoire said...

Checked the official gallery, terrific work, Loni. I really dig your photography.

Mike Gregoire