Monday, September 21, 2009

Red Light...Babylon

red light,atlanta georgia,poetry,carlton mackey,vision philms
today when i was stuck
at a red light
i began to contemplate
the plight
of my people
because as i peeped through
my window
i saw a woman
with a stroller
who couldn't have been
much older
than @ 34
and as she walked
in the rain
my mind
couldn't refrain
from thinking about
where we came
-the land of the drum
the so-called chosen ones
now living in Babylon
at least that's what
Rastafarians would say
...a Jewish appropriation
that may be appropriate
for today
though certainly not limited
to African Americans
in any way least in my opinion.
this may be Babylon
but we've all been
"chosen" for deliverance.
so deliver us ALL
from evil hands
so we can move from Babylon
into the promised land.
-carlton mackey


Joshua said...

Great Poem. The rain makes you think

Dane Jefferson said...

Not only did I not know you were a poet but your a great poet!

Endreyia said...

thanks for the comment on my blog, Carlton. You've got rhythm, my friend, especially in your poetry. Thanks for sharing! I just wrote a poem about stories and the impacts they have in our lives. If you have the time, tell me what you think of it.

kay said...

that was so good goodness! I applaud I applaud you on such great work. check me out also at my pen my thoughts and my paper!