Thursday, September 24, 2009


I told you Eka was back in town, right? He's gone now...but this is the outcome of his visit.

This is the first 100% video production by vision philms with 100% original video capture.
Filmed and Directed by Carlton Mackey

Turning Walls Into Sacrificial Alters...Bleeding Passion On Concrete Canvas.
*Spoken word written and performed by EKA, Sacrificial Poets North Carolina
*Video written, directed, produced, and edited by carlton mackey
VISION Philms -
*Special Appearance by Joshua- The Best New Unsigned Hip Hop Artist...PERIOD
*Music from Archaic Horizons
*Filmed on location throughout atlanta georgia
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Senph42 said...

Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you like my works!

Ashley said...

Oh menn !! Thats great !!My favourite graffiti artists are CAN2 and DAİM from GERMANY.
Regards from Turkey

Joshua said...

I believe this is your finest work to this day, Eka is a Profound Poet and his voice is needed in today's society. It was an Honor to be around great artist as yourself and Eka and to be apart of the video. I will always remember that day.

PAZOLLINI.COM - Aerografia said...

Sua Arte é Fantástica...
Fiquei impressionado, trabalho para alcançar tamanha definição. Obrigado

PAZOLLINI.COM - Aerografia said...

Sua Arte é Fantástica
Fiquei impressionado trabalho para alcançar tamanha definição Obrigado

Jeremy Worst said...

nice video dude .. you write? what you right?

Anthony Lee said...

thanks for visiting my blog!
and I loveee your blog.
photography is my passion!
we should be blogger friends :)
adding your blog to my blogroll.


Toxicómano Callejero said...

Nice video!. The spoken word is very interesting and powerful.
Regards from Colombia.