Thursday, September 3, 2009

Eka's Back in Town...

You may remember Anirudh Dhullipalla also know as Eka. (If you don' need to CLICK HERE) He's in town for a about a week before he heads to London for a semester abroad. He has some new material and is interested in seeing what we can come up with again. I accepted the challenge.

...and it is certainly a new challenge. This piece plays on a metaphor that is continued throughout the entire poem. It doesn't lend itself well to singular images that correspond to a particular word like REVOLUTION did. This go round an actual script (if you will) had to be written. We came to the conclusion that what was needed for this particular project was a philm that could be shown without the words or music and still be a comprehensible thought.

The first brainstorming session was cool, but had so many elements that couldn't possibly be pulled off in a day. I slept on it, woke up the next morning, and wrote what has officially become my first short film script. I usually work from my head and from instinct as a photographer, but this will be my first 100% video production with 100% of my own original video capture (no photography whatsoever).

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my script and a tool of the trade

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