Wednesday, May 27, 2009


it all starts with an idea...usually nothing solid...and then it all just starts coming together. REVOLUTION is the joint effort of two artists...three really. You've heard me talk about the Free Speech Art Cafe that I put on at Emory. It was a great success, but one young man stood out. I knew when I heard his piece that he was working with a unique set of skills. I knew that he was hungry and I knew that if I had an opportunity to work with him i'd have to be open to possibilities that i hadn't explored before. the end result is REVOLUTION. the other artist that i'm pleased to have worked with on this project (though from a distance) is gabriel kreps. i stumbled on his music, loved it, contacted him (some nerve i know), and got his blessing to do an interplay with his track. the soundtrack for REVOLUTION is the first track from his album Good Ole Days. the track is titled astral recorder.

Visit to download this album and other music by this amazing artist for free. Tell him you heard about his music from vision philms.

Over 500 individual photographs were taken during the philming of REVOLUTION. Many of them (like these below) were never used.

other images (like these below) make me proud to be a photographer. Not because of how lucky i got in capturing images like me it was luck...but because i had to opportunity to give visual expression to such lines as "standing in front of the wishing well of the world and releasing the change of love". Unbelievable writing.

anirudh dhullipalla also known as eka is a member of sacrificial poets -the Youth International Slam Poetry Team representing Chapel Hill and Durham, North Carolina. They are comprised of 13-19 year olds that compete in Brave New Voices. Brave New Voices is a Slam Poetry Competition that is ran by Youth Speaks out of California.

We are called The Sacrificial Poets in honor and memory of our dear friend Ira Yarmolenko who died May 5, 2008. She was a member of the team for 3 years.

vision philms, sacrificial poets, and gabriel kreps present:

"standing in front of the wishing well of the world and releasing the change of love"
poem and concept by anirudh dhullipalla
photography and production by carlton mackey
music by gabriel

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Leigh said...

Amazing opportunity and I love the results. A good reminder as well to just ask away.