Thursday, August 20, 2009

got ethics?

...most of you know this, but (believe it or not), i'm the assistant director of a program at the Emory University Center for Ethics. We're getting geared up for the student's return. I've said this before, but I feel so grateful for the opportunity to bring my full self to the table even in my vocation. I am an artist. My art is appreciated and utilized even in my regular work. This philm was produced for the purpose of introducing incoming freshmen to the Center. Think they'll dig it?

Music for this philm production by
Lucky Dragons.
Track: Mercy
from the 555 Recordings Release Dark Falcon

Track: Opening Flower
from 5 Little Treasures From The North Recording

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Dane Jefferson said...

I dig it, and I think the students will too.

Dane Jefferson said...

Hey carlton!
Check out this richmond artist.
He just did a painting of that guy we were talking about. I'm telling you here on your blog so others could see it too.