Friday, February 20, 2009

Turning Pain Into Power

There is a lot going on in the world. There always has been. The economic crisis in the United States is devastating and is, unfortunately, causing the systemic oppression and neglect of other areas to be exacerbated. I give thanks right now for a 'job' (period). I also give thanks for this 'job' allowing me to exercise my multiple talents and interests. While allowing me to stay (fairly) current on issues that we as global citizens of humanity face, it at the same time gives me some satisfaction in knowing that I'm contributing to the solution of some of those problems.

I am looking forward to an upcoming event that I helped organize...that's if you consider getting a call from one of the local chairs of V-Day Atlanta saying that "Eve Ensler and Dr. Mukwege want to come to Emory and we have their cost covered and an outline of how we want the event to flow we simply need a place to host the event" helping organize. LOL! I didn't really do anything. This is an event that fell into our laps b/c of the power of cultivating and maintaining relationships (something that I have to continue to remind myself).

I DID design all of the material advertising the event. And of course, I slipped in some of my own photography in the design. (Come On) This photo was taken in Ghana, West Africa in 2005(ish).

Educating oneself to the/about the world is step one in the process of making it better. I hope to do more of that here at the Center and as an artist in my own company. I hope to use this education and my talents to educate, challenge, inspire others. This is 'my true vision'.

Eve Ensler: Finding happiness in body and soul

Eve Ensler: Congo

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