Sunday, November 16, 2008

Last Man Standing - Talisman

Last Man Standing is the best example of the concept of philm-making so far. It may indeed not be my Best Feature so far, but it is the most comprehensive.

It has true elements of the three components in the tag line: contemporary photography, vintage film, and rare music.

In the case of this philm, these elements are TRULY independent and are complete creative thoughts without each other. Vincent Price was no where on the radar screen on the set of this photo shoot four years ago. I’m sure the writers of The Last Man on Earth weren’t thinking of a model dressed as a black panther and carrying an assault riffle. Who knows what inspired the cinematic sounds in AIR’s tune Talisman? Even less clear is what I was on when I got the idea to put them together. What we end up with though is a philm -an attempt at taking three things of interest to me and creating something that I hope will be of interest to you.

This is a tale of a young man must make a decision...
a decision to fight and live or surrender and die. Is what lies outside his window representative of something larger? Who will be the last man standing? What do you do when you have nothing to live for?

Refuse to die.

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