Saturday, October 11, 2008

remember. forever.

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If you haven't checked out the philm please do so before reading this post.
It feels good to be able to post the first philm.  The idea for VISIONPhilms and the larger projects that will follow were years in the making.  The first featured philm however was conceived and created in a matter of days.  

Its title "remember.  forever."  is taken from a line in the song that serves as the soundtrack.
It is a simple story.
It is autobiographical in nature, but its scope is universal.
It is a love story.

The idea for it came to me virtually complete in an instant.  I could see each of the stills in my head almost exactly the way they are in the finished product.  That rarely happens.  

Creating it wasn't as simple as the story is though.  I didn't tell Kari anything about it.  We were leaving for church Sunday and I was taking these weird steps and looking down at my feet with the camera.  She told me I looked like an idiot.  Macy's facial expressions suggested that she agreed.  Step by step the story began to unfold... though she had no idea where it was leading.

After going to my office and taking a few more shots she had a bit more of a clue.  It wasn't until we got home that she began to put the pieces together...though it was after she confessed her jealousy over the fact that she thought the philm was only about me and our dog.  I hope that the viewer was as surprised as she was when the philm makes the shift.

5 hours later I had her sit down at the computer.  I pressed play and told her Happy Anniversary.  Her expression said it all.
Though this philm doesn't exactly fit the format of photography + vintage film, it was fitting to be the first one.

I hope you come back to see more.

NOTE:  No animals were harmed in the production of this short philm.  Ha!
The shot of the students' feet was taken the following day during my ethics class.  I invited someone to come in at the beginning to discuss the Teach for America program.  I took the photo while she was presenting.

contemporary photography, vintage films, rare music

by Carlton D. Mackey

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