Friday, October 10, 2008

Exploring Possibilities that is what I said was among my interests.  We'll see how far it takes me.  

There was a time when I used to "blog".  It was well before "blogging" was a real word.  I created back in 1999.  Back then it was  actually not a site exclusively for photography as it is now.  It was much more about sharing thoughts, rants, and words (as well as photography) that people wouldn't otherwise take the time to listen to in person.  There is something about this web format, though, that intrigues people.

...and for better or for worse, I am (as of today Oct. 10) willing to see where it takes me.
This post is the official launch of a new endeavor.


VISIONPhilms is an imprint of VISION Photography.
It is about pushing my own creative boundaries.
It is about using different parts of my brain.
It is about asking you to use different parts of yours.
It is about appreciating those artist of old
by never calling anything I do new.
It is about Photography.
It is about Film.
It is about Music.
It is about Exploring Possibilities.

Come Join Me.

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