Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chasing Dreams Part TWO


As I approach the end of the recording of the Chasing Dreams EP, I came across this great beat produced by Dot Rotten out of the UK. When I first started listening to this beat it made me feel like I was at a extreme pinnacle in my life.
There is no looking back. Everything you have dreamed is right on the other side. You can let others and your self stop you or you can just keep pushing because it's there waiting for you.
I am so excited, and so scared at the same time. I know things won't be the same. To be honest things haven't been the same for a while now. As always I sent this song to my partner in crime Carlton Mackey of VISION PHILMS and he flipped out after one listen. He began to conceptualize a video for this song and completed it today. I love it.

This is for all of us as we chase our dreams. We're in this together!!!!

...but there will be obstacles on this road to success. be continued

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Carlton, you editing master!
This song is definitely one of the tracks on my 'life soundtrack'.
Great lyrics!