Monday, April 6, 2009

Patience, Trust, Integrity...a Big Mistake

That bag that you see me with in this picture is very important to are its contents. It belonged to Kari and my Uncle Glenn. Uncle Glenn died tragically in a car accident. He loved his family and photography. Uncle Gary sent us a package for Christmas this year. Enclosed in a box was this bag, a 70's era Nikon SLR, and a letter. In the middle of the letter was this quote: "This has been sitting in my closet for years and I know with what you are doing, Glenn would have wanted you to have this." This letter and a receipt from 1984 for a repair to the lens stays in the bag at all times.

I carry this bag everyday. It is cool, holds sentimental value, and encloses my own camera and accessories. You almost never see me without it. I take it everywhere...and therein lies the problem.

Friday night me, Kari, and two of our friends went to Cafe Istanbul. Cool Spot... Belly Dancers, Turkish Coffee, Pillows, Hookahs. It's Packed. We sit in the not-as-cool "holding area" and eat hummus until a table clears.

The next morning (after a great night), I want to listen to Bondo de Role's With Lasers album. I'm conceptualizing a new philm to a song off of that album. Then it hit me. I don't have my iPod...which means that I don't have my still camera, which means that I don't have my video camera, which means I don't have my bag...which means I left it at Cafe Istanbul in the not-as-cool "holding area". $7000 worth of stuff and a bag that is priceless.

I call Cafe Istanbul and ask for the owner. I know him personally. Through my job at Emory, I've brought countless students here over the years and have gotten to know him well. He's not there. The person from the staff who answers the phone says he doesn't see a brown bag with two zippers and a long handle. "Call back b/w 2 and 3 o'clock. _________ will be in then".

It's noon.

playing it cool.
watch tv
clean up
play with dogs

call back.

___________ answers the phone. I talk. He listens and responds, "I have it right here...and by the much does that camera actually cost?"

I pick it up about an hour later. Kari shakes her head repeatedly...then laughs.

photos: carlton mackey by kari mackey, miami (march 2009)

Go to Cafe Istanbul every time you're hungry and want to be around people with integrity. Tell them (an imperfect person named) Carlton sent you.


Curtis Copeland said...

Great story. Thanks for sharing.

arlenedicks said...

OMG...I was on pins and needles waiting for the outcome. So glad it turned out positively!