Monday, April 13, 2009

Cutting Up 'The World' One SLICE at a Time

So my new patnas at SLICE Magazine just gave me a huge shout out this morning. What could I do in return except do the same. SLICE Blog was created to display and promote primarily Canadian artists, as well as to encourage discourse among the arts and culture community. Be sure to check them out. Their stuff is always fresh.

I tipped them off to the band that I used in my latest philm AUTO-JUNK-A-LITE. The name of the band is Bonde Do Role. Check out their myspace page and tell them you heard about them from me. (...and I actually got put on to them by my homeboy. Shout-out to Mark R-B!)

You are going to love the band...Trust Me...but you are going to want to take a trip to the Bahamas for the next Junkanoo Parade just to meet the guy below. My wife and I traveled there for New Years this year. Read our stories from Junkanoo posts to hear exactly how much of a good time it was.

To see more photos of "VITA-MALT" and other colorful sights from Junkanoo Click Here.
Otherwise...Enjoy the Show (Again)!

VISION Philms by Carlton D. Mackey
Photography + Film = Philm
- a creative fusion of contemporary photography, vintage film, and rare music.

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