Friday, January 9, 2009

Coffee - A Regular Joe.

This philm came to me in its entirety all at once. I could see the whole thing in my head. Almost all of the details were worked out before the shoot even began. But you have to be open to possibilities in this game, and I think the process of making these philms serves as a larger metaphor for ‘living’ in general.

Once the protagonist of this philm agreed to the shoot, it was time to execute. Things were happening just the way I saw them in my head and that is always good (and a bit scary at the same time). But as I was shooting, I would see things creatively that I could have never envisioned before hand. Many of them would prove to take the philm in a slightly different direction. Many of them would prove to be better than my initial vision. The secret is to be open to the possibilities…to follow the source.

So we’re shooting, right…and everything is worked out except who we were going to use to be “Shannon”. Umm…kinda important considering the opening ‘still’ of the philm. I promise you, there has been a small catch like that to every one of these things. But as I said earlier, the secret is to be open to the possibilities.

We go forward with the shoot. The best answer I can give my willing protagonist is, “We’ll work something out”. We’re ¾ of the way through the shoot and walking around the corner is “Shannon”. You talk about serendipity.

“You mind being part of this project I’m working on?” I get the green light. “Shannon” gets a free cup of Starbucks Vanilla Crème. You get “Coffee”…the lastest VISION Philm.

Trust the source.


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